Increase your sales with 5 bar marketing ideas

I have been working in marketing and PR field for over 15 years and have been involved in different fields – retail business, car & transportation, manufacturing, media business. The last four years I am using my knowledge for, probably, the best bar – restaurant in Athens. There are different kind of bars and each bar has to find it’s own marketing strategy. I want to  share the five key marketing activities that will be useful to every marketing person working in bar.

1.Stalk Yourself

There is no secret that the best quality dishes / cocktails are the business card of each bar. No marketing activity will help if the above things does not have required level. Therefore, from time to time, you must look at yourself from outside. How to do it? First, look at what’s written about you on different websites like Google Reviews, Facebook or TripAdvisor reviews. Secondly, it is  always a good idea to take a secret buyer’s outsourcing service and look at yourself from a side. They will give you a lot of recommendation and other useful information in order to improve your work.

2.Social Media

Nowdays many people are using mobile devices to find out where and what is happening in the city. If your bar doesn’t have a social account yet, it is the right time to create one.  Crete social account on Facebook ( Over one billion people are constantly using Facebook on mobile every day), Twitter, Instagram.

  • Create Event invitation on Facebook
  • Organize different contests and in order to make a buzz , organize a giveaway (it could be the gift card or a bottle of wine)
  • Take and post social media videos, it will attract more attention than long texts. According to Facebook research, by 2020, 75% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video.

3. Create celebration calendar and do promotional campaigns

  • Valentine’s Day Activities. Some ideas – decorate your place with hearts and other decorations, create special drink/food menu, together with coffee give a complimentary cookie in a heart shape, use heart printed napkins, make a romantic love song playlist on this day (you can use Facebook for this activity, for example, ask people to send their favorite love song and from all those songs you will create a playlist. Don’t forget to make a lottery and give for winners free drink coupon)
  • International Women’s Day. Some ideas- give some free flowers for women’s customers, give free campaign.
  • Christmas time. Some ideas – decorate your place with Christmas Decorations and a lot of lights, create special drink/food menu, host a live music event
  • And of course, don’t forget other celebration as International Coffee Day (you can make free coffee tasting), International Burger Day, Nachos Day etc.

4. Background music

There is no secret that background music helps to increase sales. As the expert says, choosing correct background music will help increase your sales by 40%. From my experience, the first part of the day play slow and not too loud music, but during your pick hours, make the music louder and more energetic.

5.  Menu

The food / drink menu is the main component of your place.  Think and work hard on it.

  • If you have a website, always put a menu online. It will help to save your customers time.
  • Always place your menu outside of your bar. People like to know what kind of food/drinks you are serving.
  • Try combos. Burger + beer = 10,00 Eur, Chicken + wine = 10,00 Eur. If you can help to save customers money, please, do it.

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