Spring 2018 To Do List

This year astronomical springtime will start on 20th of March, 2018. Hurray! I have written all the things which I would like to do during the spring time. Actually, I like to write down everything – my weekly / monthly goals, summer time bucket list, travel plans, money saving plans, things I want to learn, books I want to read etc. At least for me, it helps to be more productive and it helps to achieve my goals faster.

My spring time 2018 to do list:

  1. Clean the house. Well, not the most desirable thing to do but afterwards you will have a great satisfaction for the work done.
  2. Get on my roller skates again. I just rediscovered my love of roller skating, after many years away of it.
  3. Finish my Greek lessons on Duolingo. I am learning Greek, the most difficult language on the planet earth! J I have been in Greece for 6 years now, but still haven’t achieved advanced level. But I am on my way!
  4. To throw a fabulous brunch for my friends. I love trying new recipes and enjoy my friends company at my house backyard. Spring time is the best time for open-air gatherings.
  5. See the tree blossoms. I love this season of the year. And I love watching and taking pictures of the tree blossoming.
  6. Go hiking to Pranitha Mountain. Yes, I know, 6 years and still haven’t been to the highest mountain of Athens. Shame on me! J But now it’s on my list.
  7. Plant the seeds. I love gardening and I am grateful to have a small garden. I am planting everything – tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, potatoes, basilisk, oregano, roses etc.8d633b2f-886d-4159-bfec-cf61ef8476b9.JPG
  8. Sit outside at cafe. Well, I am lucky with this one because in Greece there is a coffee culture where those questions “Let’s go for coffee” mean “Let’s talk for hours”.
  9. Visit a zoo. Together with my kids. On my spring to do list every year.
  10. Go to SPA. Oh, I need to relax, preferably somewhere outside of Athens.


Those are my Top 10 things on my spring to do list. What’s on yours?


  1. Yup i have notes in my phone, on sticky notes around my desks, a chore list and to do list on my monthly planning board. Theyre EVERYWHERE. lol i need it though. Makes a huge difference. Also helps my boyfriend do things. If there wasn’t a list he wouldn’t know what to do!

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