Interesting signs I have seen while traveling

I love to travel. I have been lucky enough to see many places by now. Whenever I go I try to see everything, from must see places to hidden gems. My favorite part of traveling is to collect different interesting signs. And I would like to share with you just some of them.

This sign I saw while visiting Barcelona, in Spain. Very welcoming! 🙂


And this one is from Paphos, in Cyprus. I didn’t know that sink can be used for something else apart of hand washing.


And that one I found in Athens, Greece near Acropolis.


Somewhere in Riga, Latvia.


Sign inside of hostel in Constanta, Romania.


And there are some places in Paris, France where entrance for families is forbidden.


And this one I found in a small village in Greece while traveling around. It says “If you will take lemons, I will cut your hands and legs”.


And what are some interesting signs you have seen while traveling?


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