How to keep a clean house all the time?

A home is a place where you can feel safe and comfortable. For sure, messy and unorganized  apartment / house will do the opposite. But how to keep your house clean and organized all the time? We all know that the fewer things we have the more organized is our house. And to  keep it in such condition doesn’t take a lot of time and effort.

I used to spend all my Saturdays on a house cleaning. Instead of doing things I enjoyed, I had to clean my house. It doesn’t sound very funny. But since I changed my habits, I got some free time on my hands. I would like to share with you my tips and I hope they will help you as much as they helped me.

1.Sort your mail

Do you remove letters and adverts from the mailbox and then throw them on the table? Stop doing it. Start dealing with your mail on a daily basis. Just sort them and make sure that all valid bills and letters you replace in one place but the rest you move immediately to the trash bin.

2. Do your dishes immediately after eating

Washing dishes immediately after eating (or at least, putting them in a dishwasher), will save your time. Bored? Tired? Stop with your excuses. Just consider dish washing as the part of your dining process.

3. Do not leave things on the table / chair

We all know “the chair” or “the table”. But remember – a mess attracts a mess. If you will keep putting all  your things on the table / chair, it will quickly turn into the chaos and your house will look unorganized again. Only clean surfaces can bring harmony and inner piece.
4. Put items back in their places

Each item in the house must have it’s own place. If you take it out then put it away. It is such a simple principle bet it’s hard to be consistent.

5. Do not delay jobs that can be done within 1-2 minutes

The mess boosts the laziness. Be guided by the very simple principle, if you can do it now then do it. Wash the pot, take out the trash bin, put your cloths in washing machine, etc. In that way, you will avoid  sources of mess.

6. Adjust the messy places

If you notice your cosmetic shelf is full or you can’t close your drawer because of too many things, it is time to take a look on things and sort them. If you don’t use something just get rid of them or giveaway to your friends, charity.

7. Plan your day

Every day in your notes, planners or mobile phone reminders, write one thing what you must do next day. It will help you better organize your time.


All you need is 20 minutes per day in order to keep your house clean every day. Does it sounds unbelievable?  Just try it and start today!  


Photos I have taken  from Google Images.


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