Reasons why your marketing campaign isn’t working: Marketing Message Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes both personal and professional life, even marketers. Philip Kotler in his book “10 Deadly Marketing Sins: Signs and Solutions” has mentioned that 75% of new products or services fail because of significant marketing mistakes.  There are many mistakes that marketers do but I would like to summarize all the problems of why your campaign does not work.

The most important component of any campaign is marketing message. To create a winner message, you must follow simple but strict rules and before launching your product / service in the market, test your marketing message and see if it answers on these questions:

  • Who is my target audience? (identify your audience clearly, learn about them as much as you can)
  • What problems does my target audience have and how does it make them feel?        ( identifying your prospects problems tells them that you care about them)
  • Do my product / service solves my target audience problem? (you must offer solution to your prospect problems)
  • Can I give a proven result of how my product / service have solved the prospect problem? (it’s not enough just to tell to the people that you have a solution, you must prove them all benefits of your solution)
  • Why do they choose my product / service? (You must explain why you are better than your competitor. How are you different?)

The marketing message is the half way to success. But unfortunately this is where marketers mostly do their mistakes.


Mistake nr.1 – What’s in it for me?

Many marketing messages fail because they answer on the question “What do we do?” not “What’s in it for me?” Your target audience doesn’t want to hear what you do because they can read about it, find out information from other sources. What they really care is how can you solve my problem? What I will gain from buying your product / service?

Mistake nr.2 – Don’t have a Call to Action

Now that your marketing message has reached your target audience and they have found out that their problems can be solved but what should they do next? A Call to Action aims to persuade a prospect to act in a certain way immediately. “Buy now!”, “Register now”, “Follow and share today”, “Offer is valid only today” are some common examples.

Mistake nr.3 – Don’t have any award

Nowadays, when the main value is time, marketers must appreciate any efforts of your potential customers. If you ask for a Call to Action, then offer some reward. If you want them to follow your page, offer a free gift. Only make sure that it is easy to get a reward. Your prospect shouldn’t spend their time making numerous phone calls in order to get their gift.

Mistake nr.5 – Don’t waste your customer time

For example, your call to action is to register on your website where the participant must read the rules for the contest. Don’t ask them just go to your page (go to page  ) but tell exactly where to find rules (go to page ). You will help to save your customers time and also they will not lose their interest about participation.

Mistake nr.6 – Talk to customer in a human language

Your marketing message must be delivered to your audience with a simple language. It’s great if your company uses difficult terms but it is not necessary to use them in a marketing message.  Even Albert Einstein has said “if you can’t explain it simple to a six year old child, you don’t understand it yourself.”  Also don’t use commonly used but meaningless words such as unique, only one, top product. Everybody uses those words and it makes your product the same as your competitors, that is, nothing unique.  Also it is important to make ads according to your target audience preferences. Graphic below shows that people tend to like more ads in humorous style or based on a real – life situations or family oriented ads. Use it as your opportunity.



*Images from Google.







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