How to fight spring fatigue successfully?

According to researchers, about a quarter of people feel the spring fatigue. Medics says that the reason why we feel so tired during springtime is nothing but hormones alone. Although spring fatigue is not considered as illness but once people recognize the symptoms, they can fight this condition and start to producing serotonin, which is known as the hormone for the happiness. This special hormone cannot be produced without daylight, called melanin. But daylight starts only on 20th of March this year, which represents the perfect timing to try to “cure” the indisposition which causes constant tiredness, difficulty in attention and concentration, lack of appetite, headaches, and lack of motivation, anxiety and low energy levels.

But there are also other factors that cause spring fatigue:  when the temperature rises, the blood vessels burst, the blood pressure decreases and we feel tired. Also during the winter time many people have unhealthy lifestyle – less activities, more the same food each day with a lot of calories. Also the lack of D vitamin makes as tired.

Usually it takes about 4 weeks to adjust the weather and time change. Those advises might help you to cure faster from spring time fatigue.

Some ideas how to fight spring fatigue:

  • Set daily routine
  • Use a daylight as much as possible
  • Ventilate the room thoroughly
  • Get oxygen yourself. Practice a deep breathing
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat small amount fresh food frequently
  • Do a lot of outside activities (hiking, bicycling, camping) and take some sunlight
  • Stretching
  • Good night sleep
  • Napping if possible
  • Relaxing the way you want (reading book, watching movie etc.)
  • Have a strategy for emotional stability



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