Don’t look back!

Life is a beautiful journey but it doesn’t always go as we have planned. Sometimes we walk along a smooth and straight life road until we are wandering from it. Then we might end up at the crossroads where we should choose to go to the right or to the left path. Sometimes we fail and fall in the hole and we are there as long as we are able to get out. Life is full of success and loss but still life is so beautiful journey.

Also I have fallen and stood up for so many times that I have lost a track of counting. And so far I have learned some things which are important for all of us.

  1. Don’t try to avoid pain!

Emotions are painful, but don’t try to avoid them! Difficulties will not only strengthen you, but also prepare for other painful life challenges. Because painful situations in life can be repeated. There is no salvation from them, that’s why stand up and survive!

  1. Don’t hold to what is gone!

If you are one of those who like to live in the past memories rather than present, you will ruin your life! You need to close the old door and  open the new windows. If you will live in your memories, you will never move forward. Live your life here and now!

  1. Stop imagining how everything should be!

Stop thinking that everything should be the way you want. Absolutely everyone can have unpredictable life meetings and situations that then forms the reality of the present.  Living by the false ideas definitely  is not a good idea. Don’t plan absolutely everything.

  1. No one is perfect!

No one is perfect. Perfection is just an concept, moreover, unreal concept. Each of us has its own weaknesses and advantages and all them makes us unique.

  1. Stop waiting and start acting!

Be your own fortune teller. Nobody is responsible for your own happiness, only you make it yourself. And stop waiting. You have already been given your ideal time to change things in your life – to find a better job, to find a perfect partner. Take the first step and you will understand it’s not so difficult to manage your own life.


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