Weekend thoughts filled with inspiring life lessons

1. Nobody knows how to become happy.

You make your own happiness yourself. There is no ready recipe for how to be happy. You can read hundreds of books, spend money on a life couch or watch videos on the Internet but only you have to find your ingredients of happiness. You have to strive for what gives you joy, and only then you will be step closer to your happiness.


2. It is not always necessary to listen to others. The surrounding view is sometimes very important. However, it can help us as well let us down. Regardless of what others have said, the final decision and responsibility what comes along it must be taken by you. Listen up, but think and act yourself.


3. Achievements require effort. Nothing will come easy in your life. To achieve your goal, you must put some effort into it. And believe, when you will achieve something yourself, the feeling will be much better than if you had done it with others help.


4. Your life your choice. Do not let someone else to live your life. Only you will know what and how to do it. If you will take wrong decision, only you will take consequences. And yet, that would have been your decision.

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5.  Problems are part of the success. There are no successes without problems. To achieve something in life, you must go through the thorns to the stars. But you know, that’s absolutely normal, it should be that way. Because after every problem solved, you will be closer to your goal.

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