Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

In most countries Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, this year, at 13th of May. Mother is on of the most important people on the world and we will take care and love her every day throughout  the year. However, it is nice to have a such a day as Mother’s Day, when we can show extra attention to our dear mothers.

I summarize some easy to implement ideas that will not take a lot of time and other resources to relieve  them.

  1. Photo Album with descriptions

Create your special photo album and add a small description next to each photo. Or you can order a  personalized photo book.


  1. Selection of sweets

Create a special selection of sweets and pack them nicely. If you have a time, you can make your own special sweets yourself.

  1. Letter to Your Mom

Write to your mom a handwritten letter, seal it with a special stamp and let her open it after 6 months, 1, year… you name it. In the letter write everything what comes in your mind – gratitude, emotions, questions etc.

  1. Prepare the homemade cosmetics yourself

There are so many different online resources available on how to make hand-made cosmetics such as bath balls, soap, scrubs, creams. For example, this bath scrub recipe is my favorite one and it is so easy to prepare it. All you need is sea salt, coffee, olive oil and some drops of your favorite essential oils (my all time favorites – lavender, lemon-grass, orange) and mix all ingredients together and it’s ready to use!


  1. Flowers

Perhaps the most traditional gift on a Mother’s Day are flowers. But flowers make every woman happy.

  1. SPA treatment

Definitely your mom feels tired of everyday routine and duties. However, you can make this day special for her. Find the closest (the best) SPA place in town and give her a long- deserved treatment.



  1. Phone call

If you are far away from your family and you are not able to spend this day with your mom, a sincere phone call will be just on time!


And how do you plan to surprise your mom?

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