Summer 2018 To Do List

The astronomical summer will start on 21st of June, 2018. Hurray! For me it’s the best time when I can relax, take so some vacation and come back with a lot of fresh ideas. Although I like the freedom of summertime, I have written some to do things. Just as a reminder for myself!

My summertime 2018 to do list:

  1. Vacation time!!! Yeah, baby! This year I am blessed because I will spend exactly one month at my home country in Latvia. I haven’t been that long time at my home for the last 6 years since I moved to Greece. So even the idea of it makes me so happy. And the countdown till I am on the plane, has been started already!
  2. Nature walks. In Latvia there are a lot of beautiful walking path and everything what I have to do is to choose where to go.
  3. Go camping.   It’s my summer must do thing every year. Two days in the nature just you and your thoughts can do the magic healing.images
  4. Attend a music festival. Festival by the beach, full-moon party, sunset party, country music festival, jazz festival… Just choose and go!
  5. Pick and eat fresh berries. In the middle of July in the forests there are ready plenty of fresh berries such as blueberries, raspberries, wild strawberries etc.images (1)
  6. Go on a Boat. And if you can add going on a boat trip and camping… the best relaxing thing ever.
  7. Backyard party with watching movies outside. No comments. The best way for me to gather all my friends and to celebrate a
  8. Sport games. We have established a sport game tradition with my friends in Latvia and I and my best friend are organizing them. The idea is very simply – we believe that activities are uniting people. So we are inviting all our friends, make teams on the spot and all day long having different team building activities. Of course, there are nice gifts for the winners. Such a fun event! Can’t wait already!images (2)
  9. Discover new places. Just get on a train and go somewhere you haven’t been. You will be surprised of how many beautiful places are around us.
  10. Go bicycling. I love city bicycling. And I cannot wait to meet my pink trusted city guide. 🙂


And what is on your list? 

  • Pictures from Google

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